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PostHeaderIcon Pure Café barista through to the National Championships

After months of coaching our barista for the South African barista championships he has finished in the 3rd spot of the Gauteng regional barista championships even with a 22 points time penalty. For a first entry into such a competition it is an exceptional result. He has also qualified for the National Championship in Cape Town. Unfortunately he has left Pure Café without any notice. We have in the meantime learn that he has been head-hunted by another coffee shop in Pretoria and has decided not to compete in the nationals. Nevertheless congratulations to the team that was involved in planing and creating the presentation, for doing the research and writing speeches. It was a year of planing and sourcing new creative material. To Renier thanks for creating such an awesome signature drink and developing new techniques. Hopefully we will have a barista for the next championship that can realise the value of competing in the nationals with such a dedicated team behind them.